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Given the changing meaning of the notion of art, the term artist can be defined or studied from a historical point of view; identifying the artist as anyone who is capable of "creating" (and not just reproducing) based on their own inspiration
The artist is the person who creates or produces works of art. The capacities of the author and artist can coincide in the same subject, of course.

A painter or a sculptor have both qualities. What is understood by artist comes from the lexical family of the word: art (from the Latin ars, artis, and this copy of the Greek τέχνη (téchne))

For this reason, they are artists: the painters of the Altamira cave, the ancient Chinese draftsmen, the musicians, the sculptors and the Greek architects, the medieval craftsmen, the Renaissance engravers, the Baroque painters, the avant-garde of the 20th century, the creators of current installations, cartoonists of comics or comics, person who does something with great perfection, person endowed with the capacity or ability necessary for any of the fine arts, etc.

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Un artista es una persona dedicada a una actividad relacionada con la creación de arte, la práctica de las artes o la demostración de un arte. El uso común, tanto en el habla cotidiana como en el discurso académico, se refiere a un practicante de las artes visuales únicamente. Sin embargo, el término también se utiliza a menudo en el mundo del espectáculo, especialmente en un contexto comercial, para los músicos y otros artistas (aunque menos a menudo para los actores). "Artiste" (artista en francés) es una variante utilizada en inglés en este contexto, pero este uso se ha vuelto poco frecuente. El uso del término "artista" para describir a los escritores es válido, pero menos común, y sobre todo restringido a contextos como el utilizado en la crítica.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies many visual artists as craft artists or visual artists. A craft artist makes functional works of art made by hand, such as ceramics or clothing. Fine artists make paintings, illustrations (such as book illustrations or medical illustrations), sculptures, or similar works of art primarily for their aesthetic value.

The main source of skill, for both artisans and fine artists, is repetition and long-term practice. Many fine artists have studied their art form in college and some have an MFA. Artists can also study on their own or receive on-the-job training from an experienced artist.

The number of jobs available as an artist is increasing more slowly than in other fields Nearly half of American artists are self-employed. Others work in various industries. For example, a pottery manufacturer will employ craft artists, and book publishers will hire illustrators.

In the US, fine artists have a median income of about $50,000 a year, and artisans have a median income of about $33,000 a year. This compares to $61,000 for all art-related fields, including related jobs like graphic designers, multimedia artists, animators, and fashion designers. Many artists work part time as artists and have a second job